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AstaroTheatro November

AstaroTheatro November Program
Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
i Tel. 06 25382491

Friday 6th November, starting at 20:30
SomewhereNowhere-Ezio Tangini 6November
Ezio Tangini
Dance performance
Dance Ezio Tangini. Music Salvatore Insana
The performance is about the pain of the human soul
The eradication of the body. the desire to erase the self
Somewhere Nowhere
 Butoh performance
Dance Ezio Tangini
fluid matter, shapeless, magmatic, in flux, terra incognita
extended time, fluctuating, time lapse in between
Entrance by donation

Saturday 7th November, door open at 20:00. First act at 20:30
Juan Tajes copy OpenPodium 7November-Professor Russolo-Photo Maria Cavali
(Pictures by Maria Cavali and Tatjana Todorovic)
Manifesto – OpenPodium at AstaroTheatro

Open podium with different artists from different backgrounds
Crazy acts > Sense, non-sense and sensation
Music, lounge, eat&drink. Bar is open, small buffet as well
Entrance by donation
With special guests:
Professor Russolo A pseudo-religious music-theatre ode to the thoughts, ideas and 1913 Manifesto. Performance-artist and devotee Prof. Russolo will follow in the footsteps of his famous historical predecessor and executes a 15 minute performance ritual with bass guitar, voice, live electronics (technician Roderik Maes), toaster, vacuum cleaner, blender and other inspiring instruments
Juan Carlos Tajes presents Helenikon / Juan C. Tajes 1980
A poetical theatrical declamation
Time plunges its hands into the memory, days passed, adventure, misadventure, love, miss-love. A discovering of classical Greece in the experience of Ephebic love. Love and desire, searching for a glimpse of dark eyes and the salty taste oft the tight skin of male youth
Carolina Droller Dance Performance: Prison Prism. Are you prisoner of your points of view?​
AstaroTheatro Collective presents I’ll weep for happiness

Friday 13th November, 20:00
Saturday 14th November, 20:00
AstaroTheatro goes Doc
Documentaries at AstaroTheatro. Awareness through documentary films
(More info will follow)
Entrance by donation

Saturday 21st November, 20:30
Fiore di Luna-21November-Photo Tatjana Todorovic
(Picture by Tatjana Todorovic)
Fiore di Luna (AstaroTheatro in Italian)
Monologue and Storytelling Performed and directed by Silvia Terribili
Fiore di Luna is the story of an ex-soldier going home after one more useless war
Fiore di Luna is a story of sea
The misterious Fiore di Luna comes suddenly to help the soldier to cross the sea
Fiore di Luna
Regia di Silvia Terribili
Fiore di Luna è la storia di un ex-soldato che torna a casa dopo l’ennesima inutile guerra
Fiore di Luna è una storia di mare.
Per attraversare lo stretto di mare che lo separa dalla sua isola l’eroe ha bisogno di un traghetto, la misteriosa Fiore di Luna spunta all’improvviso da una grotta e gli dà una mano Entrance by donation

Saturday 28th November, 20:30
Fiercely independent, She Owl’s music is nowadays part of the endangered species: delicate as the wind in the trees, unfamiliar as an ancient fairytale, liberating like drums around the fire and frightening as a bird of prey
Entrance € 5 

Marx is Back (a Play on History)

Marx is Back
MARX IS BACK (a Play on History)

“Why have I returned? to clear my name!”
Karl Marx has had enough of seeing his revolution taken over by opportunists organizing each time a new priesthood and a new hierarchy, with excommunications and indexes, with inquisitions and firing squads. He is disgusted by media declaring him dead again and again. Karl Marx is back to remind us that his ideas are more alive than ever. He revisits memories of his courageous life and revolutionary theories. We learn about his family, his struggles and the boils on his arse.

AstaroTheatro Collective presents a monologue by Howard Zinn adapted and performed by Roberto Bacchilega

After the Free Fringe Festival Marx is Back again!
Het Spinhuis Onder de Brug
Singel 165a Amsterdam

Friday 30 October, 20:30

Dialoghi in Erba

Quelli di Astaroth – AstaroTheatro
Dialoghi in Erba
Tre microdrammi di Edoardo Erba

Venerdì 23 ottobre alle 20.00
Istituto Italiano di Cultura
Keizersgracht 564 Amsterdam

Paperino Vaiolo Ikea:
Silvia Terrbili
Gino Calenda di Tavani
Roberto Bacchilega

Musiche di scena: Tenedle
Scene: Gino Calenda di Tavani
Tecnica: Massimiliano Pipolo
Fotografia: Tatjana Todorovic

Edoardo Erba è uno dei più brillanti autori della drammaturgia italiana contemporanea. AstaroTheatro presenta 3 suoi microdrammi caratterizzati da una lettura a più strati. Nonostante la leggerezza delle situazioni si aprono inaspettati e grotteschi colpi di scena. La messa in scena essenziale ed emozionante rivela un intelligente senso dell’umorismo e un raffinato uso della lingua italiana.
Lo spettacolo e’ in italiano.

In occasione della XV edizione della Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo, manifestazione promossa dal Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale in tutte le Sedi italiane all’estero (Ambasciate, Consolati e Istituti Italiani di Cultura) con l’Alto Patrocinio del Presidente della Repubblica.

Quelli di Astaroth – AstaroTheatro
Dialoghi in Erba
Drie microaktes van Edoardo Erba

Vrijdag 23 oktober om 20.00 uur
Italiaanse Instituut van Cultuur
Keizersgracht 564 Amsterdam

Paperino Vaiolo Ikea:
Silvia Terrbili
Gino Calenda di Tavani
Roberto Bacchilega

Decor: Gino Calenda di Tavani
Muziek: Tenedle
Techniek: Massimiliano Pipolo
Fotografie: Tatjana Todorovic

Edoardo Erba is een van de meeste briljante auteurs van de hedendaagse Italiaanse dramaturgie.
AstaroTheatro presenteert 3 van zijn microaktes, gekarakteriseerd door een lezing op verschillende lagen. Ondanks de lichtheid van de situaties, komen er onverwachte en groteske coups de scène voor. De essentiële en rijk aan emoties mise en scène onthult een intelligente gevoel voor humeur en een geraffineerd gebruik van de Italiaanse taal.
Het toneelstuk is in het Italiaans

In het kader van van de 15e editie van de internationale Week van de Italiaanse Taal
Onder auspiciën van Alto Patronato van de President van de Italiaanse Republiek Dialoghi

AstaroTheatro>Omnia Sunt Communia

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AstaroTheatro is an independent, non-mainstream open space for theatre, arts, music, cultures, movies, events, discussions, activism. A place where to meet for real and to share. AstaroTheatro aims at creating community and awareness.
Theatre & Activism > Omnia Sunt Communia

AstaroTheatro is an intimate, free space where actors, musicians and artists are welcome to perform, to play, to give and to receive inspirations.
The atmosphere is international: audience and performers are borderless just like the culture we love to experience.

AstaroTheatro is getting ready for the coming months: from October 2015 till June 2016 we will program all kind of events.
Our famous OpenPodium will of course go on, giving a stage and an audience for free to performers.
Saturday 7 November and Friday 4 December are the next OpenPodium-Dates
Call for Artists! Call for Activists!
Are you a performer of any kind? Are an active activist?
Contact us, there’s a space (and more) for you – AstaroTheatro is on Facebook