Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam 2015 at AstaroTheatro

AstaroTheatro is part of Free Fringe Festival 2015
Here the events:
Thursday 3rd September

‘Albert Oink’ paintings by Zbigniew Maciak
Albert Oink is the pseudonym of Zbigniew Maciak, a Polish artist with a theatre background living in Amsterdam. His career started with drawing cartoons for a Polish theatrical weekly. He gradually switched from paper and ink to canvas and oil paint. For several years he portrayed mostly pigs and occasionally other animals. The hybrid forms presented in this exhibition mark a new stage in the development of his style which a Polish art critic described as “fallen aesthetics”
‘Feic’ by Ciara O’Sullivan
My piece involves a type of clowning called Bouffon. Bouffon is a way of attacking a social issue by being a clown and making fun of it. Feic is an Irish verb to see. We all see things, objects, people differently. The piece involves a box , a doll and a Bouffon who combines a mock Irish nun with an image of me. There will be audience interaction and strong language. Be prepared to look at things differently!
‘The Dictation of Life’ by Rhys McLellan
I have a problem with life at the minute. It’s a problem that seems to be worldwide, The Dictation of Life by the technology with which we surround ourselves. Be it a console, even something as simple as a car or these so called ‘android’ phones, they have an unshakable hold on us. They allow us to become more internally connected with each other but at the same time we are distancing ourselves, not just from each other but the world.

Monday 7th September
 (Documentary Film): 20:00
THE LAND BETWEEN offers an insight into the hidden and desperate lives of Sub-Saharan African migrants living in the mountains of northern Morocco. For most, their dream is to enter Europe by jumping a highly-militarised barrier into Melilla, a Spanish enclave on the African continent. With unique and unprecedented access, this film intimately documents the everyday life of these migrants trapped in limbo, as well as the extreme violence and constant mistreatment they face from both the Moroccan and Spanish authorities. It also explores many universal questions; including how and why people are prepared to risk everything, including their life, to leave their country, their family and friends, in search of a new and better life

Friday 11th September
DOUBLE BILL: from 20:00
Oranges and Olive Pits
a storytelling of the Spanish Revolution with Dolan Jones and Sam Morris
As Spain erupts in civil war and revolution, two brothers tell each other stories to help explain the changing world around them. Their mythologies swiftly unravel, and when the civil war within the anti-fascist resistance tears them apart, they risk facing each other across the barricades
The Journal by BetweenTwoHands
The Journal is a miniature object theatre performance with a tiny stage of 40 centimeters wide by 30 centimeters deep. Appropriately, this performance will take place at AstaroTheatro, Amsterdam’s Smallest Theatre! Tjin A Ton and Gosia Kazcmarek carefully manipulate dolls, odds and ends, music, torches and shadows to present the reflections of a lonesome man living in a world where objects are taking over

Saturday 12th September
from 20:30 
Mudadus Novus
Songs and poems from the sea, from the earth and from the heart composed by Tora Mudadu and Fabio Marziali. The result is a delightful combination of original mediterranean folk music, jazz and spoken word performed in Italian, Sardinian and English
Su beranu meu-signature-72
by AstaroTheatro Collective
Presenting stories of the human condition; vanity, greed, freedom, power and empathy as found in Aesop’s animal fables. With a twist!

AstaroTheatro Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)6 25382491

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