Radical Friends (Film Screening)

Radical Friends
10531406_10206544235075282_4814041205770836560_o 11141775_965116973523084_1580725668157394062_o
Questioning climate politics and exploring climate activism
By environment activst Chihiro Geuzebroek
(Feature Doc – 79min)
Language: Spanish English (English subtitles)
Entrance by donation

Environmental roadmovie + grassroot movement = moviement of friendship!
Radical friends focus is in raising people who dare to be friendly enough to contribute to a world where good life comes first and money&greed comes last.

RadicalFriends winner jury award for Best Bolivian Feature Film 2014 @ International Film Festival for Human Rights, Sucre Bolivia

REVIEWS: Amongst all the documentaries dealing with environmental activism, director Chihiro Geuzebroek has hit upon a winning formula to detail something that’s so often rendered with the sledgehammer of didacticism. First of all, she’s the subject of the film, a personal journey undertaken by a cute, plucky “little Dutch girl” (of Bolivian heritage) which, frankly, goes a long way to rendering a picture that’s not merely palatable, but includes a wealth of information in an agreeable, entertaining fashion. (Greg Klymkiw) — REVIEW FILM CORNER [CANADA]

Radical Friends could easily have been a self-indulgent work were it not for Geuzebroek’s extreme earnestness and deep respect for Bolivia’s culture and its activists. With the help of endearing animations and a relaxed interview style, the filmmaker has created a unique film that is both informative and emotional. (Elena Lowe) — REVIEW DORKSHELF [CANADA]

Chihiro Geuzebroek is present at AstaroTheatro during the screening of her movie for presentation, talks and Q&A
More information: www.radicalfriends.com

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