AstaroTheatro June 2015

Friday 5 June at 20.30 hrs.
Last show at AstaroTheatro:
Between Worms and Gods (The Truth behind the Mask)
Juan Carlos Tajes at AstaroTheatro
The idea of God has its origin from a neuron in the human brain
A mask play by and with Juan Tajes
Entrance € 7,50. Reservations: Tel. 06 25382491
Between Worms and Gods
Saturday 13 June at 20.00 hrs.
Poets from Our Middle Sea
Een geënsceneerde voordracht
AstaroTheatro at Theater Perdu
Kloveniersburgwal 86 Amsterdam
Poëzievoordracht met gedichten uit de Middellandse zee in de oorspronkelijke taal en met vertaling. Een poëzieperformance over nostalgie en heimwee.
Over oleanders en olijfbomen.
Over passie en strijdlust, driften en temperament.
Over het briesje uit het zuiden en de Middellandse zee.
Over de charme van de goddelijke vonk tussen twee contrasterende kleurenpaletten: het felle palet van het zuiden tegen het gedempte palet van het noorden.
Spanje, Turkije, Griekenland, Italie¨.
Poetry born from the Mediterranean waters and traveling across the land from the Pillars of Hercules to Anatolia and The East. Mediterranean poetry goes beyond national borders and attempts to synchronize our consciousness. Our Middle Sea poets’ chants of love, human understanding, rebellion.
Presentation: Mario Molegraaf
Actors/Readers: JuanTajes, Muzaffer Yanik, Silvia Terribili, Gabriella Sacco, Professor Russolo, Gerry van der Linden, Dafni Petinaki, Milou Versluis, Roberto Bacchilega, Alexandra Zoi
Music: Tenedle, Sercan Milan, Prof.Russolo, Stefano Bocconi
Entrance € 7. Reservations:;
méditerranée1 copy
Friday 19 June at 20.00 hrs.
Radical Friends (Feature Doc – 79min)
Questioning climate politics and exploring climate activism
By environment activst Chihiro Geuzebroek
Language: Spanish English (English subtitles)
Environmental roadmovie + grassroot movement = moviement of friendship! Radical friends focus is in raising people who dare to be friendly enough to contribute to a world where good life comes first and money&greed comes last.
REVIEWS: “Amongst all the documentaries dealing with environmental activism, director Chihiro Geuzebroek has hit upon a winning formula to detail something that’s so often rendered with the sledgehammer of didacticism. First of all, she’s the subject of the film, a personal journey undertaken by a cute, plucky “little Dutch girl” (of Bolivian heritage) which, frankly, goes a long way to rendering a picture that’s not merely palatable, but includes a wealth of information in an agreeable, entertaining fashion.” (Greg Klymkiw) REVIEW FILM CORNER [CANADA]
“Radical Friends could easily have been a self-indulgent work were it not for Geuzebroek’s extreme earnestness and deep respect for Bolivia’s culture and its activists. With the help of endearing animations and a relaxed interview style, the filmmaker has created a unique film that is both informative and emotional.” (Elena Lowe) REVIEW DORKSHELF [CANADA]
More information:
Entrance by donation
Radical Friends
Saturday 20 June at 20.30 hrs.
“Babak-o-Doestan” (Babak and friends) at AstaroTheatro
The quintet “Babak-o-Doestan” (Babak and friends) performs original songs with influences from Jazz, Fado, Turkish and Iranian music and combines this with contemporary or classical poetry from Iranian poets like Rumi, Shamloo, Sepehri and Farrokhzad. With band members from Iran, Turkey, Canada and the Netherlands they play honest and passionate mixed music; poetic and full of nostalgia and melancholy. Babak-o-Doestan plays a special trio performance at AstaroTheatro.
Babak Amiri: guitar/singing
Minze Koopman: percussion
Heather Leslie: cello
More Information. Entrance by donation
AstaroTheatro: Have a Great Summer!
AstaroTheatro is ready for a summer full of indipendent culture: theatre, music, movies, activity and activism. AstaroTheatro also prepars for the coming Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam 3-13 september 2015

“Quelli di Astaroth” – AstaroTheatro
Sint Jansstraat 37
1012HG Amsterdam
Tel. 06 25382491 –
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