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Sinking in Our Middle Sea (OpenPodium)

The Sea1
Sinking in Our Middle Sea
OpenPodium at AstaroTheatro
Where actors, musicians, artists and audience meet and share

Saturday May 23
(Doors open from 8 pm. First act at 8.30 pm.)
Open podium with different artists from different backgrounds
Crazy acts > Sense, non-sense and sensation
Music, lounge, eat&drink.
Bar is open, small buffet as well
Entrance by donation

Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo (I Will Stay-Human)
AstaroTheatro at Juan Carlos Tajes Studio Juan C. Tajes Studio
Saturday May 9 at 20.30. Warmoesstraat 109B Amsterdam
Piazza del Popolo. We go to our Square to have fun, to walk, to read, to observe, to enjoy a sweet summer’s night, to socialize, to talk about politics, to fall in love. We can chat with our best friend or we can transform it into a philosopher’s Agora. We can create and re-create this space again and again. We are the active spectators of inspiring performances in our Piazza del Popolo. We can even decide to stay or to leave forever. Do you remember?

Piazza del Popolo is the fortress from where we can manifest our disagreement, our disapproval, our protest. Every true protest needs a Square to be tangible and to build hope. Do you remember?

With poems of Tasos Leivaditis, Allen Ginsberg, Pier Paolo Pasolini, T.S. Eliot.
When universal poetry, philosophy, live painting, dialectic and insane courage gather, they are like the people of our Square: they create amazing theatre. Do you remember?

Hecate Ἑκάτη: Silvia Terribili
Zagreus Ζαγρεύς: Roberto Bacchilega
Masks: Juan Tajes
Original music: @lbert figurt – Rafal Fidos
Photography: Tatjana Todorovic
Costumes: Giorgi Rossi and Silvia Terribili
Lighting and Sound: Massimiliano Pipolo
Video Projections: Gino Calenda di Tavani
A Theatre Collective “Quelli di Astaroth” production
Many people inspired us to compose this play. You are all in our hearts.
A very special thanks to Haris Lamprou

Entrance € 5. Reservations: 06 25080826 / 06 25382491. Juan C. Tajes Art Studio
(Picture by Tatjana Todorovic)