Workshop Body-Percussion/Discovering Sound with Professor Russolo

Professor Russolo

Creative WorkShops at AstaroTheatro:
Workshop Body-Percussion/Discovering Sound with Professor Russolo

A 2 hour workshop given by Prof. Russolo in which people will be able to enjoy, practice, discover and perform sound(s), and silence(s), with their voice and with their body. Rhythm, harmony, melody, colour, dynamics or density are ingredients of a variety of exercises that lead in different ways to small solo or group sound compositions. Humming, clapping, snapping your fingers, breathing, echo effects, swing caused by repeating patterns or soundscapes by layers of word phrases (whispered or sang), etc., etc……. are examples of techniques that Prof. Russolo uses to make people aware of sound/silence.

This workshop could be seen as an introduction to ‘listening inwardly and outwardly’ or as an enrichment for those who already practice sound frequently. It is open for everyone, no specific qualifications are required.

Prof. Russolo is an educated musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and performance-artist and is very active as teacher, either privately or at official (music)institutions.
€15.Info- Contact:;;
Tel. 06 25382491

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