AstaroTheatro Creative WorkShops

Creative Workshops
AstaroTheatro invites you to participate in a series of Creative Workshops. Professionals in different disciplines will inspire you to one common goal: develop your human and artistic potential

Saturday April 25. 11am-2pm
Photo Studio Portrait Workshop with Tatjana Todorovic Programme: *Short lecture about classic photography portrait and inherent techniques/ *Shooting session and continuous light workshop with a model in 3 different outfits *Drinks and snacks included Info-Contact:;; Tatjana

Saturday May 2. 11am-1pm
Workshop Body-Percussion/Discovering Sound with Professor Russolo A 2 hour workshop given by Prof. Russolo in which people will be able to enjoy, practice, discover and perform sound(s), and silence(s), with their voice and with their body. Rhythm, harmony, melody, colour, dynamics or density are ingredients of a variety of exercises that lead in different ways to small solo or group sound compositions. Humming, clapping, snapping your fingers, breathing, echo effects, swing caused by repeating patterns or soundscapes by layers of word phrases (whispered or sang), etc., etc……. are examples of techniques that Prof. Russolo uses to make people aware of sound/silence. This workshop could be seen as an introduction to ‘listening inwardly and outwardly’ or as an enrichment for those who already practice sound frequently. It is open for everyone, no specific qualifications are required. Prof. Russolo is an educated musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and performance-artist and is very active as teacher, either privately or at official (music)institutions.
Professor Russolo

Saturday May 9. 2pm-5pm
Masks and Body Expression with Juan Carlos Tajes Basic recognizable emotions Interpretation and analysis of the 6 primary emotions: Fear, Rage, Sadness, Happiness, Surprise, Horror
Saturday May 16. 2pm-5pm
Character Masks with Juan Carlos Tajes Embodying of characters Contradictions and affinities of archetypes vs. stereotypes female – male old – young the ages Info-Contact: Juan C. Tajes Art Studio;; Juan Tajes

Saturday May 23. 11am-1.30pm
Spoken voice and written words (Theatre Workshop)
with Gabriella Sacco, Roberto Bacchilega and Silvia Terribili
The world has many sounds and the body has many voices. How can we find the connection between what we receive from the outside and what we wish to express from the inside? Our bodies explore the surrounding space scanning its potentialities. Just like the body, our voice has memories too. In this workshop we will share strategies and tricks to trigger our voice into exploring its depths, its peaks and routes of expression. We will measure our renewed vocal strength against texts of our choice and match our expression to the texture of the written words. Info-Contact:; Tel. 06 25382491
Theatre WorkShop

“Quelli di Astaroth” – AstaroTheatro
Sint Jansstraat 37 1012HG Amsterdam
Tel. 06 25382491 –
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