AstaroTheatro: February 2015

Gioco delle Maschere

Saturday February 21
The Weight of Love (OpenPodium at AstaroTheatro)
Where actors, musicians, artists and audience meet and share
(Doors open from 8 pm. First act at 8.30 pm.)
Open podium with different artists from different backgrounds
Crazy acts > Sense, non-sense and sensation
Music, lounge, eat&drink. Entrance by donation

Saturday 28 February at 15.00 h.
An Introduction to the Game of Masks
Introduzione al Gioco delle Maschere
with Maestro Juan Carlos Tajes
From your face to your body expressing itself.
From a paper bag to a tragicomic mask
Dal viso al corpo. CorporalitĂ  dell’ espressione.
Da un sacchetto di carta alla maschera tragicomica
More information: 06 25382491

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