Small Planet Documentaries at AstaroTheatro

Small Planet Documentaries at AstaroTheatro

AstaroTheatro presents 2 documentaries by Yorgos Avgeropoulos (Small Planet Productions). Two different movies with different stories, both sharing a fundamental issue:  our personal conscience and our collective conscience. The documentaries have been generously given free of charge by Small Planet Productions for screening in AstaroTheatro. We are very thankful. A special thanks to Haris Lamprou. AstaroTheatro aims at creating community and awareness.

El_Sistema_ENSaturday 10 January at 20.30
El Sistema (saving lives)
A film by Yorgos Avgeropoulos (Small Planet Productions)
AstaroTheatro Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam

One afternoon in 1975 in a garage in Caracas, Venezuela, the music professor and economist José Antonio Abreu began a crusade that seemed completely utopian. He wanted to save as many children as possible from poverty, the streets and criminality by teaching them free of charge classical music and making them members of a Classical symphony orchestra. Only 11 children came to the first rehearsal. But the seed has already been planted in the grounded, giving birth to what would later become known as El Sistema. An education system and at the same time a weapon against poverty. A tool for social change. An attempt to change the world through music. “Poverty is not only the lack of food and shelter. Poverty is to feel like you are nobody and to be deprived of an identity. It is abandonment and anonymity. Once a child receives its own instrument, it stops being poor. A child with a violin is not poor” “The culture for the poor cannot be a poor culture” Free entrance. Open debate after the film.


Saturday 17 January at 20.30 h.
Cassandra’s Treasure (Golden Times)
A film by Yorgos Avgeropoulos (Small Planet Productions)
AstaroTheatro Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam

The rights and the dignity of the people in Khalkidhiki, Greece, have been brutally suppressed by the riot police during their protest against the opening of a giant open sky gold and copper mine in the region. Huge interests, billions of Euros are playing a major role in this matter: foreign investments, exploitation, political interests, the workers and the local economy. All this happens with the ghost of the Greek economical crisis in the background. In the battle for precious minerals in Khalkidhiki the only sure loser is the environment. Free entrance. Open debate after the film.

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